Get the most out of Microsoft Teams, with Microsoft Teams Adoption and Microsoft Teams Change Management

  • Creating Teams
  • Instant Messaging Chat
  • Groups
  • Screen Sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Microsoft Teams Calling
  • Presentations, webinars and meetings
  • Use with One Drive, Outlook and other Office 365 products
  • and more..

Microsoft Teams Change Management, Microsoft Teams Training, & Microsoft Teams Adoption, and Microsoft Teams deployment.

Microsoft Teams Change Management and Microsoft Teams Adoption services put users in the drivers seat, and helps elevate them into power users, by giving them the know how and confidence when using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams adoption

Microsoft Teams adoption - When your staff are gifted the conference and know how to drive Microsoft Teams, they will shout from the roofs tops about how great it is, help others come onboard, and effectively maneuver data and communication through the business. Microsoft Teams adoption is key to a successful deployment.

Microsoft Teams Change Management

Microsoft Teams Change Management is another key component of a successful deployment. A change in a business needs to be managed, particularly a technology change, to ensure a smooth transition and uptake.

Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams Training will empower your users to effectively navigate Microsoft Teams, and integrate it with other Office 365 products, and third party apps. Microsoft Teams Training one-on-ones for VIPs, executive assistants, senior managers, on-boarders and group training sessions. Face to face, or over video using Microsoft teams - plus record it!

Microsoft Teams Deployment

Microsoft Teams Deployment - ITswitch can assist in deployment, setup and configuration of Microsoft Teams across the business.

Case Study:

Office 365 & Microsoft Teams Adoption and Change Management

Effective Adoption of your Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, get the best out of your Team and technology investment.  As part of an Office 365 deployment for the Victoria Government - Department of Premier and Cabinet, Office 365 change management and Office 365 adoption had to be considered to maximise uptake of  the new systems, and equip staff with immediate know how. Challenge  A...

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