Simply installing security software isn’t enough – your business needs comprehensive and total security solutions to keep threats away.

IT Switch can assess your entire IT environment then advise, implement or consult with you on the best security strategy for your business:

  • Security specialists to identify any potential threats
  • Educate you on potential cyber security risks
  • Provide a complete report, free of tech jargon.

Our security assessment enables you to make smarter decisions about your current technology and new technology investments.

Wi-Fi Network Assessment

Evaluate your Wi-Fi network and wireless access points and review the security posture of your wireless network. Making sure your wireless network is not a means of easy access to your network resources.

Authentication and Encryption

Test the types of authentication and encryption used in your IT systems and whether a network uses open authentication. We test and rank password complexity.

Firewall Rules Assessment

Your firewall controls the flow of traffic throughout your network. Effective firewall should give you control and security based on users, applications and data. Selecting the right equipment, properly configuring it and regularly updating its software and threat database improves security and reduces risk of attack.

Email & Web Security

We provide tools to automatically detect phishing attacks, viruses, ransomware and malware coming through emails. We can train your staff on ways to detect suspicious email and avoid being susceptible to email and web attacks.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With so many apps and passwords these days, user credential theft is a serious risk. Attackers gains access to business data and have access for a long time before being detected. We can implement SSO and MFA schemes to greatly reduce risks from unauthorized access to your IT systems.

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