IT Switch provides Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) services to businesses, allowing you to efficiently secure, monitor and manage all company data on mobile devices.

We use Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, and other platforms to track all your devices in real time and perform tasks such as remote wipes on stolen or lost devices. We allow you to control how files and emails can be transferred out of corporate applications, as well as provide features to ensure employees are only using applications you’ve approved in advance.

Some key features of MDM include:

Manage all smart devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices

Inventory and reporting of devices

Automate Application Deployment, WiFi, Security, VPN, and Email configurations on devices

Automatically wipe devices to protect against loss and theft

Control how your corporate data can be stored on mobile devices or copied to other apps

Automatic sync, backup, and restore of contacts and data

Support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As more and more employees use personal devices for work purposes, management of business data is vital.

BYOD has huge cost savings and productivity benefits. Providing laptops, smartphones and tablets—and the necessary apps and data—are considerable expenses.

However proper planning and use of device management policies is required to ensure company security is not compromised for the sake of efficiency or employee convenience.

With our MAM and MDM solution we can properly manage access to corporate data without invading the user’s personal data so that neither security nor privacy will be compromised.

App configuration on devices

Configuring apps on mobile devices is a daunting task. We offer our app configuration services using Microsoft Intune to customize apps to your business needs. With these configuration settings we can make sure settings are not changed by mistake, greatly reducing support requests and increases productivity with apps guaranteed to work as expected.