3 reasons your business needs Office 365 Installation

The way we work is changing. The invention of the Internet has meant easier communication across the globe and greater opportunity for collaboration between team members – especially when they’re on the go. Every business uses Microsoft Office tools, but Office 365 installation in your business takes this one step further.

Improvements in technology mean your team uses a range of devices to access and present information. The great news is Microsoft online cloud service work coherently with these technological advancements, and Office 365 installation is the perfect way to power your workplace.

office365-IT Switch-public-cloud

Office 365 lets you customise to suit your team’s needs.

So why should you have Office 365 setup in your business?

1. Seamless team collaboration

Regardless of the location of your team, Office 365 installation enables seamless team collaboration. This means that whether your colleagues are in the same city or a different country, keeping tasks and documentation together and accessible is easy.

One of the great aspects of having Office 365 setup within your team is the ability to customise it to best suit your team. Project management is a breeze with the ability to create document libraries to keep all information together, and the 1TB of OneDrive storage means your important collateral is accessible and safe in the cloud instead of weighing down your internal servers.

2. Work on the go

Office 365 installation for your business means your team can work from anywhere, across multiple devices. This is perfect for days out of the office or remote collaboration, as data is always accessible. It also means your team can easily present to clients without the need to send a separate document from their work computer.

What’s more, the Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel & Outlook apps are all mobile optimised, which means you can access the same features and interface regardless of the device you’re working on.

3. Makes communication and project management simple

Every user added to your Office 365 setup can manage their email, calendar and contacts in one place: Exchange Online. This means it’s easier to organise meetings that work for everyone – especially those located remotely – without too much time spent going back and forth.

OneDrive for Business is also included in Office 365 installation, allowing easy access to documents across team members to allow fluid project management.

A smart solution for business

One of the biggest benefits of working in the cloud is that software no longer needs to be upgraded to the latest version. In the past, the Office suite was regularly upgraded at a licencing cost. With Office 365, every user has access to the latest software version, reducing the risk of incompatible files, outdated software and licencing costs.

Staying ahead of the curve is easy when you use the latest technology. Office 365 has been created to make business and communication easier amongst teams – see you in the cloud!