4 benefits to using Azure

In today’s fast-paced business environment, many organisations are opting to use cloud-based IT. That’s because cloud computing services, like Microsoft Azure, provide ease of use, flexibility, reliability and security to your business operations. Here are four benefits to moving your servers and data online with this fantastic tool.

1)    Reliability

Azure is a Microsoft system, which means that it’s a trusted business focused product. It’s also active globally, so you can work productively with your team from anywhere while having faith that your work will operate smoothly.

With Microsoft data centres in Australia, you can also trust that your data sovereignty is compliant with local laws and regulations. Azure also offers effective recovery options, so, in the event of a cyber-attack, you can rest assured that your data is safely stored and protected.

2) Flexibility and scalability

Azure is designed to evolve with your business, providing you with a reliable infrastructure as you scale up. It supports a range of systems, applications, data storage, and databases, so that you can use the resources of your preference. With a suite of services, application building tools and a user-friendly interface, you don’t have to worry about out-growing Azure.

3)    Reduced costs

Azure uses an ‘as you go’ framework, so you only pay for what you need. This is a much more financially viable option than buying a suite of technology, half of which you might not have the intention – or the need – to use.

 4) Analytics

Having access to user data gives any business the power to make more informed decisions. Azure provides analytics on your cloud, in real time, so you can analyse your progress and make specific changes to your applications, fast. It also means more streamlined, effective processes and business operations.

If you’re looking for more guidance around Azure migration, give IT Switch a call. We’re a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and a specialist in Azure. That means you can trust our team to provide ongoing support and management of the Azure Cloud within our Managed Cloud Services.