6 Ways to Protect Yourself from A Cyber Attack

Technology is becoming more important to businesses as operations move into the digital world. On one hand, businesses can enjoy the many benefits of an online presence, such as e-commerce and specialised software.

On the other hand, cybercrime is a growing a threat to businesses, thanks to opportunistic criminals.  While no business is completely safe from a cyber-attack, there are ways to lower your risk. Here are some simple ways you can start protecting your business and your customers.

1. Make a backup of critical data

Any data that is critical to your business operations should be backed up on a consistent basis. Backups prevent cyber-attacks from corrupting your only copy of data, allowing you to restore information and continue operating as usual.

Cyber criminals use software known as ransomware to lock down files and prevent you from accessing them. They will then charge you a ransom in order to unlock the files and regain access. With a backup, you can avoid this situation altogether.

2. Get the best anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is a must when it comes to computer security, catching and cleaning up any threats that could endanger your operations. If a computer virus enters or tries to enter your systems, this software can catch the threat before it does anything malicious.

Free anti-virus software is available such as Microsoft’s Windows Defender, giving you free and reliable protection without paying a cent.

3. Use complex and different passwords

Passwords are often the target of cyber-attacks because they allow unhindered access into personal accounts.

Make passwords difficult to guess by using capital letters, numbers and symbols. Avoid easy-to-guess words such as “password” or sequences such as “1234”. Use unique passwords on each account that you have, this can prevent criminals from using the same password to access multiple accounts.

4. Learn basic internet security

When it comes to cyber-attacks, education is your best friend. Simple actions such as not opening suspicious emails and avoiding questionable websites can stop a large majority of attacks from occurring.

Basic privacy training might seem simple, but one reason attacks can bypass security is that employees will accidentally invite them in (a tactic known as phishing). By reinforcing good practices and keeping them updated, your employees will be trained against potential threats.

5. Keep your software updated

Criminals love to exploit weak points in software to try and steal a business’ data. Fortunately, software companies know this, and they are updating their products to close these loopholes and keep their customers safe.

The most recent versions of software are protected and safe from security bugs and holes that could compromise your security. Update your software from the official company and always maintain the most recent version.

6. Get a trusted security expert

If you have been the target of cyber-attacks in the past, or are handling confidential data, consider finding an IT security expert. They’ll go through any holes in security and protect your network against any threats, allowing you to work with a peace of mind.

If you’re worried about IT security, call IT Switch today. We’re your Melbourne IT Support company, ready to advise you on the best ways to protect your business from cyber threats.