How to align your business and IT goals

In 2017, practically all businesses have a digital component. For some, technology is evolving at a rate that can be hard to keep up with. The good news is that innovations in technology can sow the seeds for your company’s long-term growth. The right IT solutions can help you operate and grow more quickly, efficiently and effectively than ever before. But how do you choose the ideal IT solutions to combat your business’ unique challenges?

When you’re busy running your business, it can be challenging to keep up to date with the latest IT innovations, making it harder to know where to invest wisely. That’s why it’s important to align your IT strategy with your business goals – so that any technologies and applications can really help your business move forward. Here’s what you should consider when setting out to align your business and IT goals.

Know your business goals

Without knowing where you want your business to go, how will you know which tools will help you succeed? Set a plan for your business to include clear objectives and to know what will be required to achieve your them. Then, think about what resources and systems you’ll need. If you’re not sure, consult an IT support specialist and allow them to recommend the best applications that can work coherently to support your business.


Establish your IT strategy

An effective IT strategy will consolidate your systems, make them more secure and usable, and will ultimately help your business grow. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Does your industry have any IT regulations?
    While regulations can feel limiting, they’re important to adhere to. Make sure you check all IT regulations before you start putting together your strategy.
  • Do your systems “talk to each other”?
    It’s crucial to be assured that any new systems you introduce will work effectively within a holistic infrastructure. Otherwise, you could be wasting resources on programs that aren’t able to serve your needs. It’s always best to check-in with an expert before purchasing or signing on to any expensive trials for new software and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.
  • What’s your current infrastructure?
    Are you using legacy systems or has your team switched to cloud-based systems? Different IT infrastructures require different approaches, maintenance and training.
  • How are you currently backing up your data?
    Are you using onsite storage devices or a cloud system? Who has access to your essential data? Having the right protocols in place when it comes to backing up means that you’re less likely to lose important information.
  • What does your competition look like and what are they doing?
    Knowing what systems your competitors are using can give you an idea of which technologies and applications are most useful in your field. Having a more streamlined, efficient and user-friendly way of operating is also bound to reflect positively in your customers’ experience with your organisation.

These questions are key considerations (among many more) that can inform a solid IT strategy. Teaming up with your IT support provider can provide you with a strong advantage. An experienced IT support agency will help you through the process, initially by creating security policies and addressing your business’ regulatory obligations through your IT activity.

For IT services in Melbourne that can support your business goals, call IT Switch today. We’d love to slot the right IT applications into your business strategy to help you succeed!