What to look for in an IT support company

Choosing an IT services company isn’t a decision you should take lightly. When working closely with your contracted IT team for a number of months or years, you need to make sure you’re getting the support and expertise that fits your requirements.

But where do you start when it comes to choosing an IT support company? Here are 10 things your IT services company should provide:

1. Microsoft certification

If your IT support company is a Microsoft Certified Partner, it means it has received endorsement from Microsoft as a reputable support team. The company must not only have several Microsoft Certified Engineers but it also must prove its skills and pass specific examinations hosted by Microsoft.

2. Experience with both Windows and Mac

A preference between Windows and Mac is as divisive as a preference between cats and dogs. And while all IT professionals will have their personal preference, you should seek out an IT team that has experience with both operating systems. Your network of Macs shouldn’t run less than optimally because your IT service providers are more familiar with PCs, and vice versa.

3. Regular and responsive communication

There’s nothing worse than not being able to access your IT support team when you need them the most. Check that you’ll be able to communicate with your IT support company – and ideally have a single point of contact who will know the ins and outs of your organisation’s needs and IT history.

4. Engineers with a broad range of skills

When an IT team is made up of engineers who are only familiar with their specialised area, you risk having incompatible solutions patched together, or things slipping through the cracks. That’s why you should ensure your IT support company comprises engineers with a wide range of skills, spanning networking, desktop support, servers and cloud. They’ll be able to identify how every piece of your IT puzzle fits together, and keep it running optimally.

5. Unique solutions to your needs

Your organisation’s IT needs are unique. It’s as simple as that. And while you might have a lot of similarities with other organisations, there will always be some level of customised solution required. So you should choose an IT service provider that has a broad range of solutions in their arsenal, ensuring your organisation gets the specific functions and support required.

6. Remote monitoring

Proactivity is one of the most important attributes an IT team should have. It’s simple: identifying and overcoming a potential problem before it’s escalated is far better for your productivity and output than trying to put out a huge fire. Check that your IT services provider is utilising remote monitoring tools to pick up on potential tech problems before they’re catastrophic.

7. Unbiased product recommendations

Your IT team should be able to recommend a range of products at different price points and capabilities. Having a range of suppliers means your support team can make unbiased recommendations, and won’t be locked into selling you a product that isn’t quite right for your organisation’s needs.

8. Knowledge of your industry

Look for an IT company that has experience in your industry. They’ve seen what’s worked well – and what could have worked better – in organisations similar to yours, and can ensure thoughtful solutions to your requirements.

9. Dedicated support

When trying to resolve an issue, you don’t want to be relaying your entire IT history to your support team just so they can guess at the right recommendation. That’s why you should have a dedicated account manager – and even dedicated engineer – in your contracted IT support team. Having consistency through dedicated contacts means nothing slips through the gaps, and holistic solutions can be provided.

10. Ability to come onsite

No matter where your organisation is located, no matter how many offices you have and how far apart, your IT support team should be able to work onsite with you when required.

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