This gives you peace of mind your business has access to the most reliable and cost-effective network available. We put our best effort into designing the network and choosing the best equipment, based on IT strategy and your future roadmap, to ensure top performance and reliability.

Using sophisticated management and monitoring tools, we watch over your network 24/7. Our network operations centre is immediately notified in case of any network outage or service disruption, even before you notice it.

Network Consulting

Our dedicated Network Consulting and Design services assesses your business goals and needs, looks at your existing setup, and then provides you with the optimal network architecture and design.

We’re partnered with the best providers of business internet and IP telephony, so we can offer the most economic voice, data and converged communication solutions to fulfil your business needs.

Managed Network Services

IT Switch proactive maintenance gives you peace of mind, knowing a dedicated team is regularly caring for your network. Our managed network services include Router and WAN management, network performance monitoring, service provider management, LAN management, configuration backups, and routine reports.

Multisite Offices

We provide secure site-to-site connections for businesses who have multisite operations with multiple offices in different locations. Your staff will have secure access to applications and documents, for collaboration, regardless of which office (or home) they are working from.

Secure Networking

We keep watch for you, with firewall management, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, management of intrusion prevention systems IPS, and monthly reports on of these. We can also perform security signature and policy updates on managed firewalls to ensure network and data security.

WiFi Solutions

As you increase the number of devices connecting to your business, WiFi networks become overloaded and bottleneck. We design and deploy secure WiFi networks with high capacity and extended coverage. For added security we can bind WiFi access to your computer user accounts (Active Directory) and create separate guest access for visitors for internet-only access.

Video Surveillance

IP security cameras are an integral part of today’s networks and workplace. They require good communication networks to record at their highest bandwidth and picture quality, and to be available for viewing from anywhere. Access footage for all your offices from a single location with our high-quality low light cameras, reliable network platform, and intelligent software with motion detection and alerting.

Case Study:


Professional services company has offices operating in both Melbourne and Geelong. Team members collaborate daily on projects that depend on shared documents located on a file server. They have a domain controller, remote desktop server and SAN storage, as well as other services. Challenge The business IT systems were installed at the Melbourne premises. This meant Geelong users had to use...

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